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• Most will take insurance or have sliding scale payment options.• Teens participate in academics, individual therapy, and milieu therapy while at the center.About boot camps: • Boot camps were created as a short-term alternative to military boarding schools • Participants are typically defiant, disrespectful teens in need of serious discipline • Boot camps are not typically as effective as residential treatment centers but less expensive For some parents, the expense of sending their teen away to a boarding school or residential treatment center makes it impossible.A home-based behavior program such as The Parent Coach Plan, Teen Behavior or The Total Transformation can help those parents that can't afford to send their teens away for expensive treatment.About residential treatment centers: • Teens are placed out of the home and actually live at the center during treatment.

Teen Discipline101also offers articles, books, a therapist directory, and links to sites which offer products catering to parents raising troubled teens.The physical effects of domestic violence on children, different than the effects of direct abuse, can start when they are fetus in their mother's womb, can result in low infant birth weights, premature birth, excessive bleeding, and fetal death, due to the mother's physical trauma and emotional stress.Increased maternal stress during the times of abuse, especially when combined with smoking and drug abuse, can also lead to premature deliveries and low weight babies.Whatever your needs are, you're sure to find it here.Many parents choose to send their teens to an out-of-state private boarding school.

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