Dr paul dating os

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If you do an experiment and I do one and a million guys do one and get the same result, then we are forced to come to the same conclusion, and we say, "well that's the real deal." "Methods" based on the advertising clout, pr, or personality of the speaker do not work for every guy, every time, in every situation.

Science does, when devised by a real scientist with formal education, not just the idiot's guide series, or a Robert Greene book.

It can be applied to dating, but also to any other area of a man's (or woman's) life - politics, friends, family, career, success, anything that has human systems or individual or group psychology to it.It takes time to come out with a real advance in a real technology. I was broken up with at 22 by a fiancee, and while studying and training to be a doctor, took up the cause of educating myself about the mind of women, and the notion of how human instinct and attraction work...I guess that personal goal led me out of being a surgery trainee and into psychiatry. Mainly trial by fire, but I must say that I know so many people in so many fields that I really have learned bits and parts of attraction traits and skills from, from a guy who is about to hit it big in music with the coolest new band on mtv (known him for ten years, though he was 18 when we met - he used to play my parties),and he has no idea what "the community" is to this day. I mostly discovered this by taking comedy improv acting class and finding it revealed a kind of hesitation about using my body freely and in any way I wanted to.Some "fields" like "nlp" mislead people into thinking you can bypass formal education and just model people.Well that doesn't lead to innovation, just a bunch of clone theories and products.

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