Slo sex chat

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How did these chicks become so aware of their pleasure points? To get better acquainted with your sexual self, take their cue and become your own passion professor.

"Over lunch one day, she wickedly giggled that she was having incredible orgasms that gave her a round-the-clock, supersensual mind-set." After coaxing her highly satisfied pal to spill her prized secrets, Justine felt like she had stumbled onto a sexual pot of gold.

Hearing that, you'd assume Rebecca has a tush as tempting as Jennifer Lopez's. "Long ago, I learned that men are turned on by a woman who is uninhibited about her sexuality," she says.

"My current beau would rather date a confident woman with an imperfect figure than a 36-24-36 chick who's too timid to show her shape." The tricky thing about sexual confidence, as any carnal cowgirl will admit, is that you need a little to begin with before it can blossom into a natural part of your passion personality. "Fake it at first — that's what I did," admits Bari, a 25-year-old designer.

Her favorite place: that fleshy, supersensual web of skin between the thumb and finger.

"Most guys I've dated don't even know about this hot spot." Lust fiends like Mary know that mastering at least one unique, naughty-but-nice move can morph you from a hot-and-heavy lover to holy moly! But you don't have to focus on his G-rated hot spots alone or a specific sexual act.

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